Year in Review


In January of this year I was not a full-time photographer, I was a full-time Fitness Director of a fitness center in downtown D.C.. Each morning I would catch the train from Baltimore into Union Station, I would hop on the Metro for two stops and then walk the remaining blocks to the best job I ever had. I've mentioned before that fitness is my education, background and was my career...I spent eight years as a personal trainer, group exercise instructor and finally by 2020 (after years of hard work, early early mornings, and actual sweat), I made my way to a Director position and was managing my own fitness center.

I spent 5 months in that job before COVID pulled it out from under my feet.

In March I lost my full time job and all that comes crumbling down with that. I lost the security of a paycheck and the stability of a salary that supports me. I lost my daily routine, my amazing coworkers and some sense of my identity and purpose. Soon after, my health insurance was halted, unemployment benefits were denied for me and panic began to creep in. Water felt like it was pouring into the “room” and the life & identity I built for myself was being dragged to the bottom of the sea.

But, in the midst of all this chaos and uncertainty, you threw me a raft. You caught me and let Haley Day Photography turn this story around. I dove into my photography full time and this community pulled me up and kept me afloat. I got to work with the most wonderful couples, glowing expectant mothers, dream families and phenomenal photographers.

Throughout the year working with you lifted my spirits, gave me back a routine, a purpose, and an identity. You grew my small business, you shouted my name, shared my work and genuinely showed me your love. You trusted in me and showed me that a sinking ship is an opportunity to swim to another. This is my attempt to put to words how much I love and appreciate you, to show you how much supporting a small business DOES matter.

How much you supporting me, matters.

Thank you so much for working with me and trusting me with your most precious moments. I’m forever grateful for you. Below is my 2020 Year in Review, I put together some graphics for you to show how much of a difference you made in my life this year, and be sure to page through some of my favorites images!

With all my love, thank you.

My Favorite 2020 Images

Cherry Blossom DC Family
Bridge Water Engagement
Woolen Mill Wedding Fredricksburg
Hands on belly maternity pose
Valley Garden Engagement
Fredricksburg Family Photos
Meadows family portraits
River Engagement Session
Fall maternity annoucement
Snow winter maternity sessions

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Thank you!

To all my couples, families and clients, thank you. I truly would not be here without you. You give me reason to be behind the camera, your love & smiles shine on my platforms and your endless support and kind words helps my small business grow. Thank you so much for trusting me with your moments and memories, I am forever grateful!