Why You Should Book a Couples Session

Even if you're not RECENTLY engaged

Let me be the first to tell you...

You don't need to be recently engaged in order to have couples session!⁠

As someone who has been a "girlfriend" for 14 years, I know what it is like to have your feed filled with images of recently engaged couples at their engagement session, wondering when it will finally be your turn. ⁠Well I am here to say screw that! Have a couples session if you want a couples session! Whether you are dating, already married, or in the middle of a long engagement, schedule that shoot!

and here is why...

You Deserve One Too

Any and every healthy relationship, not matter how long, short, official or unofficial, deserves to be celebrated! A couples session has very little to do with an engagement ring, but rather, everything to do with celebrating your love. Relationships go through many chapters & seasons and no matter where your love is in its journey, your joy, partnership and commitment deserves to be captured and celebrated!

Best Date Night, Ever!

Maybe this is because I am a photographer but a photo shoot is a fabulous date night idea! You get to put on your best Friday-night outfit, make dinner reservations for afterwards, and spend an hour getting cozy (and playful!) in front of the camera! A couples session is a really special treat and makes for a date you will never forget!

More than a Portrait Session

Photographs are a very power gift, they are a snapshot of your life at a pin-point in time. Photographs can freeze you and your emotions in time and space, preserving a memory to last you a lifetime. There are so many moments & memories I can now cherish forever because they were captured on camera, and any time is the right time to give that same magical gift to yourself.

Interested in a Couples Session?

Let's connect!

Photographs can capture a moment, but a session will tell a story. During our 90 minutes together and the option for multiple locations and outfits, my couples session is a great way to tell the story behind your love. Whether it be an exciting announcement, a special anniversary or just because, moments like these are worth capturing and sharing!

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