Sierra & Nedu


Meet the couple that is shining light and breathing air back in to 2020 - Sierra and Nedu! This couple was not originally on my 2020 calendar and I am SO glad that they now are! In August Nedu proposed to Sierra and they are set to be married later this year! Sierra reached out to me within weeks of Nedu's proposal and it has been so great to look forward to the excitement of their engagement session and their upcoming wedding!

I feel so much connection to this couple, these two have such a sweet story on how they met and I personally always feel so close to clients who are "school sweethearts." Sierra and Nedu met in 2013 at college and fell in love while studying and working on assignments together. Seven years later, even though 2020 may be a tough year, Sierra and Nedu are shining through and enjoying the best season of their love!

We had the most wonderful location for their sunset session at Quiet Waters Park and we had so many beautiful backgrounds to choose from. Sierra told me her and Nedu love nature and wanted a location with paths, water, trees & gardens and I couldn't have been more excited to make that happen for them. Sierra and I are on the same wavelength with a lot of things (Scorpios love Scorpios!) and we totally have the same taste when it comes to photo locations! I couldn't wait for this engagement session and I'm so excited to share these photos with you!