Rebecca & Josh


Rebecca and Josh are back on the blog for the most special occasion - they ELOPED! This couple has been through the wringer this past year while they have navigated their wedding plans in the midst of a pandemic. You may remember them from fall of last year when their October 2020 wedding was postponed. We got together for a Reclaim the Day session to mark the occasion of their original wedding date and as a way to celebrate their future wedding to come in spring 2021.

Well, as 2021 would have it, Rebecca & Josh soon found themselves faced with the decision to delay their wedding for a second time, and their May 2021 wedding was postponed.

But, just because your wedding needs to wait, doesn't mean your love and marriage has to. Rebecca and Josh went to the courthouse and eloped! Rebecca shared with me how wonderful the intimate experience was and that her and Josh are overjoyed to finally be husband & wife!

(Is your heart bursting yet?!)

I had the honor of taking these photographs to help Rebecca and Josh share the exciting news with their family and friends. It was the best secret I have ever been asked to be a part of!

Congratulations Rebecca & Josh!

I am thrilled for you both and I am constantly in awe of how brave and resilient your love is.

Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of this incredibly beautiful moment in your lives!