Mary & Trevor

MARRIED | September 2021

A Stunning Vignon Manor Farm Wedding

I spend a lot of time getting to know my couples leading up to their wedding day, between phone calls, the engagement session and timeline meetings I get to see their personalities and a peek into who they are as a couple. But on the wedding day I get to see a little deeper into their lives by meeting their families, getting to know their friends and hearing the kind words said about them during speeches.

and on Mary & Trevor's wedding day, I got to know just how kind, thoughtful and loved theses two people are.

Here are some wedding day moments so you can see what I mean:

  • At the start of the day I was let in on a secret, that Trevor had bought a double wedding band set for Mary and he would be surprising her at the aisle. Even the bridesmaids were in on the secret and were gushing along with me while I took the detail ring shots in hiding. I thought it was so fitting that the wedding band symbolizes a never ending circle, a endless love that never breaks and here are two rings, for the two forces (friends and fiancé) that clearly love her endlessly.
  • Mary & Trevor are high school sweet hearts, so for them to reach the milestone of husband & wife in their relationship was a big moment for everybody. As Mary walked down the aisle, behind me was the sound of soft crying, I turned my camera around not only to find Trevor trying to compose himself, but all of Mary's bridesmaids wiping tears from their eyes.
  • The speeches about Mary & Trevor were so touching. When Mary's mom got up to give her speech, she had PAGES to express how much she loved these two and how wonderful of a man Trevor is to his new bride & family. During the touching speeches, you really got a sense of what it means to be family and to love one another selflessly and unconditionally.

*Puts hand over heart, uh!*

Mary & Trevor are so special and their wedding day was full of love and big time celebrating! I am so happy for these high school sweethearts, now turned husband and wife. And I am so lucky to have met their friends & family, share in their day and capture their love.

Congratulations Mary & Trevor!