I was a Podcast Guest!

Curiosity, Courage & Truth

My new friend Kristin Zucaro recently asked me to join her on her Podcast! Kristin and I met last year (virtually!) and we have been supporting each other in our new career ventures ever since! Kristin is an Empowerment Coach, helping her clients break the cycle of perfectionism and design the lives that they desire. She is so caring, compassionate and sincere, I love any conversation I have with her! Kristin recently announced her new podcast: Curiosity, Courage & Truth, where she talks about all things empowering and teaches her listeners tips and tools to break the cycle of perfectionism!

On this episode, Kristin asked me to speak about my 2020 pivot story and how my "safety-net" was actually holding me back. I'd love for you to listen and to check out Kristin's amazing website and resources!

Website | ww.kristinzucaro.com

Instagram | @kristinzucaro

Email | hello@kristinzucaro.com