Four Details to Consider in 2021

Throughout my time shooting weddings and events in 2020 I saw lots of beautiful changes, creative solutions and thoughtful details that turned an uncomfortable year into something a little more joyful. Yes, a new year is here but until the pandemic is fully behind us, it is clear that most of these restrictions and COVID-19 requirements will be with us in 2021 as we continue to try and gather safely. Some things have changed and traditional details have been completely eliminated (like blowing out candles!) but I have seen some lovely details that can still make your wedding or event beautiful, thoughtful and safe.

I would love to share with you four details, trends, and creative solutions you should consider as you plan your 2021 party, event or wedding!

Consider a State Park

State Parks are becoming more and more popular as a venue choice and I am all for it! State Parks are such a great choice for many reasons:

  • It's an affordable option that requires a permit - so your spot is secure and guaranteed!
  • Lots of open air and space to spread out and keep your distance - six feet please!
  • A park will provide a natural backdrop! You won't have to spend your budget on greenery or flowers, Mother Nature is your vendor!
  • States Parks have lots of walking paths, gardens and most have water, making for gorgeous location options for your portraits!

Custom Masks

It is likely during your 2021 event or wedding you will need to enforce mask wearing, especially if a portion will be indoors. I realize how stressful the logistics of this policy can be and how many complications could possibly arise.

  • What if some guests are not happy to wear a mask?
  • What if a guests forgets to bring theirs or the one they bring is not suitable?
  • What if seeing everyone in masks takes away from the day and just further reminds me we're in a pandemic?

A simple (and fun!) solution to all these unknowns is to provide custom masks for all your guests! Throughout last year I saw masks presented as party favors many times and it was such a sweet and creative detail. Masks can be completely customized to include names, your date, a fun saying and even made in fabrics to match your color palette! Guests will feel proud to wear their themed mask, they will feel like they're a part of your "tribe" and it's a useful party favor they can take home with them!

Wrapped Food & Favors

Food is no doubt an important part of parties and it will be necessary to continue to offer it in a safe, sanitary and controlled way this year! Food service options such as buffets and self serving are on the back burner for now, no more hands reaching into the same dessert tray! Instead, consider foods that can be individually wrapped or served by a staff from a food safe kitchen. Think single use, single portion sizes and use recyclable materials!

  • Rather than slicing from the same cake, try wrapped cake pops or cupcakes in containers
  • Ditch the food tray and provide boxed meals, have guests preselect their meal on their invitation.
  • Swap creating your own goodie bag from a dessert bar to a prepared "Grab Bag" or glass jar!

Encourage Sanitizing

Keeping your hands clean is one of the best things you can do to keep safe, so sanitizer is going to continue to play a large part in events for 2021. Find ways to make sanitizing easy and convenient for your guests. This can look like gifting individual hand sanitizer bottles as favors, having pump bottles on each table, or sanitizing stations at high traffic areas such as entrances, exists and where food and drinks are offered. Your guests will appreciate having easy access to sanitizer, the reassurance that other guests are practicing good hygiene as well, and the friendly reminder!

Image taken while second shooting with Luner Photography