Devyn & Rachel

Engaged | July 2019

I am so excited to share this engagement session with you: meet Devyn & Rachel! This was a morning session in the middle of May but the temperatures that day made it feel like the middle of July! Devyn and Rachel were willing to set early alarms to try and catch the morning glow and some cooler temperatures. We wrapped up around 10:30AM and by the end, we all were fanning ourselves and ready to dig in to some brunch.

Devyn & Rachel are the sweetest couple with a super fun wild side! Whether it’s hitting the bike trails, playing with their two dogs or floating down the Brandywine Creek, these two are so adventurous and always having fun! This is why I love this session so much - the location matched their personalities so well and they even wound up barefoot in a creek!

I have known these two for a long time through my sister. My sister (and I!) went to high school with Devyn, and she became good friends with him and Rachel! It has been a lot of fun to have been in the same social circle as these two for so many years and now I am so honored that they have asked me to be their wedding photographer!