Devon & Kyle

COUPLE | December 2021

Most times when couples come to me they have a specific celebration they would like for me to capture:

  • They're recently engaged!
  • They are having a baby!
  • They're celebrating a special anniversary!
  • They've been dating for a really long time and they just want some nice pictures together!

but this couple came to me with a very unique request for photos -

they simply wanted to have some FUN!

Devon was inspired by some images she saw of a couple playing in the snow and asked if we could get together to recreate the moment! And, if you live on the east coast, you know that this winter we were hit with snow storm after snow storm, so we didn't have to wait long for our session! We watched the forecast all day and as soon as we hit a good balance of enough snow on the ground and it being safe enough for us to drive in the weather - Devon & Kyle got in front of my camera and had some FUN!

Scroll through to see how much joy playing around in the snow can be.

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