Daffney's Spring Sunrise Maternity Session

US National Arboretum | April 2021

Imagine it's the first hour of sunrise in April, rays of sunshine are pouring through the clouds, and a soon-to-be mother is quietly walking through blooming gardens, dreaming of her new life and baby on the way.

Except, don't imagine...SCROLL!

Because this actually happened.

In April I had the most special maternity session with my friend Daffney. Daffney and I know each other from the fitness world (we used to work together!) and I never would have dreamed I would have the opportunity to work with her not only within our shared passion of fitness, but also within my other passion - photography! When Daffney shared with me she was expecting, we were messaging and planning for this session as soon as the New Year hit, preparing for this day to come in the spring! Let that just be one example of how excited these parents are for their little one on the way!

Daffney & Rich are so much fun together and to photograph! They have such a playful and energetic relationship together - at one point they were frolicking through a field! We spent our entire session catching up and laughing together, I love spending time with these two! I can only image what a fun childhood is ahead for their baby, what a lucky little one!

Scroll to see just down dreamy (and downright FUN) Daffney's sunrise maternity session was!