Cynthia & Sam

Married | MAY 2021

A Delaware Spring Winterthur Wedding

After a two-year-long engagement these two said “I do”! Cynthia & Sam first started their relationship as middle school sweethearts and last weekend they held each other as husband & wife. Their relationship (and their wedding day!) is the kind of stuff fairy tales are made of. 

From their incredibly fun and personable bridal party, to the moving ceremony, their long awaited day could not have been more perfect. Even the weather was perfect (seriously, we were in amazement! I know I even heard Sam saying it a few times throughout the day)! The day was sunny, the skies were clear and the air felt so fresh and cool, not a drop of humidity.

Cynthia & Sam got ready separately and spent their mornings with their sweet families & bridal parties and decided to meet each other at the altar! This moment and first look was so many years in the making, everyone in the church was totally captivated by Cynthia walking down the aisle and Sam waiting to take her hand.

Wow was it emotional!

After their ceremony and a "Just Married!" shot in front of the limo, the rest of the day was a blast! The wedding continued at the Winterthur Museum where they spent the afternoon walking through the gardens, having happy hour out on the gorgeous patio and dancing the night away! Cynthia and Sam were always side by side, hand in hand and any chance they could, they would steal a kiss from another. During the speech that Cynthia's father gave, he highlighted the fact that Cynthia & Sam make each other better and that life is better when they take it on together.

And I can honestly say, even though I have only spent a short amount of time with these two, that Cynthia & Sam are meant for each other and that their love together, and for one another, makes everything better.