Cynthia & Sam

Engaged | jULY 2019

I am so excited to share Cynthia & Sam’s engagement session today! The first reason, this couple is so in love, every look and kiss you see is “stolen” and totally genuine! The second reason being, this session took two rounds of rescheduling and even on the day of, we were sweating over if we would be able to make it happen - literally! Their images turned out so beautiful and this couple totally made the most of some dreamy summer glow!

From my first sit down with Cynthia, I felt such a connection with this kind and caring bride-to-be. When Cynthia met me for a consultation she brought her mom and sister, I loved how much she wanted them to be a part of the conversation and for us to all get to know each other. Cynthia and I caught up (we actually used to play youth soccer together!) and she told me all about her love story with Sam. From middle school sweethearts, these two reconnected after high-school, while Cynthia was in college and Sam was finished with basic training for the Air Force. After a few months of catching up with each other, their relationship flourished again and the rest was history! Sparks fly between Cynthia and Sam and they handle the hardships of deployments and military life with grace. I am so honored I am the one they asked to capture their love!

Cynthia and Sam’s original session happened to fall on the hottest day in July! Shooting in the midst of an extreme heat wave, Cynthia and I were worried about feeling uncomfortable, and I was secretly worried about my camera overheating. We decided to push the original date back a weekend, hoping for a break in the temperatures. We got together the following weekend and while it wasn’t 100+ degrees, this entire session took place in 90+ degree weather! Behind the scenes, I was carrying not only my camera bag but also a cooler with waters and Sam saved the day by carrying a battery powered fan to help keep everyone cool.

Would you have ever guessed?!

Cynthia & Sam are serious pros and are seriously in love. We spent two hours outside together, in sizzling temps, and when I look at these photos all I can see is how much they love and cherish each other. I am so excited to share their photos on my blog, and I cannot wait to be in front of this couple with my camera again, on their wedding day!