Ashley & Justin

MARRIED | October 2021

A Riverdale Manor Wedding

On a wedding day not only do you get to see all the big and small ways that the bride and groom love each other, but you also get to see the ways that the couple's friends and families love them, and Ashley & Justin's wedding day was full of these moments.

  • in the way that Ashley‘s mom started to get emotional when I was photographing her bridal details
  • in the way that Justin‘s mom held him so tight during their Mother & Son dance
  • in the way that Ashley‘s bridesmaids reacted to her reveal
  • and by the way that the room feel silent during their ceremony

Ashley & Justin are middle school sweethearts and yet it was so clear on their wedding day, this is just the beginning of their story. Ashley & Justin have the kind of love and looks in their eyes that show just how far their marriage and bond is going to take them in this world

and honestly, you're just going to have to see your yourself...

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