Get the Most Out of Your Engagement Session

5 tips i tell every couple

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. It's a time where I get to know my couple, hear their story and really get to see their love for each other. I'm always so honored to be the one behind the camera, capturing their emotions and getting to see this special side to them. However, getting images that truly show a couple isn't as easy as "1, 2, smile!", there are a few secrets that can really help bring out the best in a couple and help everyone feel more comfortable in front of the camera...and I am sharing them today!

Below are the five tips I tell all my couples to help them get the most out of their engagement session!

1. It's Date Night


The next best advice I share with all my couples is to have a date night mindset. On the day of your engagement session, make a date out of it! Make dinner reservations to follow our session, get a good night’s sleep the night before and treat yourself by sleeping in! Come into your engagement session feeling well rested, excited and focused on your love! This day and your photos are about you and your love, which deserves to be honored! This mindset will produce some of the most authentic and stunning photos.

2. Love What You Wear

Confidence is Key

The secret behind great photos is to wear what you love, pick clothing you feel comfortable and confident in. It is a great idea to even take your outfit out for a spin before our session together! (Talk about a perfect excuse for a date night!) Prepare both your outfits ahead of time and try to find colors, tones and patterns that are complimentary, rather than matching. Complimentary and contrasting colors are great ideas, especially neutral and earth tones.

3. Bring a Second Look

Formal & Casual

Consider if you would like to have multiple looks and pack an outfit change! This is a great way to capture the different sides to your personalities and your relationship. I recommend having a more formal outfit (think dressy date night!) and a casual day wear outfit - don’t forget to style the shoes! This will give you more variety in your photos and lots of options for when it comes to selecting prints or your new phone background.

4. Watch the Details

Rings & wrinkles

Watch out for wrinkles! Take the time to iron and smooth out your clothing the night before your session. Be sure to take your phone and wallet out of your pockets, and remove any hair ties or bands from your wrists. I'll be carrying a bag for us during your session to hold your items. Also during our session I’ll take a ring shot, which is going to mean lots of close up details of your hands and rings, so it’s a great idea to clean your ring and manicure your nails!

5. Trust the Photographer


I treat all my clients with tremendous care, I want you to genuinely feel comfortable and confident in my hands. I will take the time to get to know you and discover what is important to you and your partner for your photos. I'll never ask you to do anything or pose in a way that makes you uncomfortable or doesn't fit your personality and relationship. No need to worry about modeling and posing, I'll will give you an easy crash course on posing and throughout our session I will give you direction and fun prompts to get you acting natural. All you need to do is smile, trust you're in good hands and let the moment be about you and your love!